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Thandiani is a chilly hill station that is located in Abbottabad, but has a meaning in the local language of “very cold.” Thandiani is located at 37.5 kilometers from Abbottabad. If you go through a car, it will take 2 hours to reach Thandiani from Islamabad. It is a great place for nature lovers and has many options for tourists, from restaurants to tea stalls. There are many hiking tracks located near Thandiani. Thandiani is a popular tourist spot.

How to Reach Thandiani:


The distance of Thandiani from Islamabad is 147.7 km. You can reach through the roads and it can take around 2 hours to reach Abbottabad from Islamabad.

When to Visit Thandiani:

In summers Thandiani looks lush green and in winters Thandiani covered with snow.In both seasons Thandiani attracts tourist and looks ravishing.