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The Naltar Valley is located in Pakistan's Gilgit-Baltistan region, about 54 kilometers (34 miles) from Gilgit City. The spectacular forests, several magnificent lakes, and winter skiing facilities are among the region's renowned attractions.

I believe that the real enchantment of Naltar may be seen only in the summer months, when the lakes thaw and the forests are at their most beautiful.

The enchanting valley of Skardu is only reachable by 4WD, but scheduled buses depart from Gilgit. There are several hotels and guesthouses in the valley's two towns to accommodate tourists. To avoid the busy season, avoid visiting in May and instead come in fall. You could possibly catch some breathtaking foliage near the end of October.

How to travel to NALTAR VALLEY?

Naltar Valley is a beautiful place located in Pakistan. The best way to travel there is by cars and jeeps which can be hired. The valley has some amazing view points and the cars and jeeps can help you reach these vantage points easily. You will also find some hotels and restaurants in the valley where you can stay and enjoy the local cuisine. Naltar Valley is an ideal place to spend your vacations and the cars and jeeps will make your journey comfortable and hassle free. So, hire a car or jeep and enjoy your trip to Naltar Valley

what is the best time to visit NALTAR VALLEY?

Naltar Valley is one of the best places to visit during winter. The valley is full of beautiful pine trees and the scenery is simply breathtaking. However, it is important to avoid visiting during rainy days as the roads can be very slippery. During winter, the temperatures can also drop quite low, so make sure to pack warm clothing. overall, Naltar Valley is a great place to visit during winter and you are sure to have an amazing time.