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Minimarg Valley in Gilgit Baltistan

Minimarg Valley is situated in the heart of the Karakoram mountain ranges in Gilgit Baltistan. With stunning natural beauty, it is a popular tourist destination. People from across Pakistan as well as from around the world visit this valley to enjoy different aspects of nature.

The eye-catching sunset and colder nights bow to receive you and take you away from the hustle of your daily life, Located on the banks of the River Neelum, Minimarg offers a sight worth visiting in beautiful Pakistan, a country worth traveling through at least once in a lifetime.

Major Tourist Spots in Minimarg

The valley of Minimarg is a hotspot for exploring Domel, Chota Deosai & Rainbow Lake. The latter is famous for its scenic beauty, natural attraction and the colorful view it offers.

50 minutes into your journey from Minimarg valley to the Himalaya & beyond, you cross the line of control in Azad Jammu & Kashmir in Pakistan.

In Domel, The Rainbow Lake is a dream to be in, and is unlike any other experience. It's one of the deepest lakes in Pakistan, yet it is still incredibly clear. Although it was initially intended to be used as a trout breeding site, the army managed to fill it with water from the nearby Crystal Lake, which was also one of the most beautiful natural wonders. One must sit with his loved ones and enjoy the lullabies sung by the lush green valley for the beautiful water that lies in its lap.

How to Get Minimarg?

Distance from Skardu to Minimarg via Deosai Park road is 136 km, or an approximate 4 hours journey. You can access surrounding tourist attractions through Burzil Pass. About 540 kilometres from Islamabad, the route to Minimarg is full of beauty & adventure. From tall pine trees of Abbottabad to the mighty Indus, it takes you on a journey all the way through Thakot and Jaglot to your destination - Minimarg - where you can enjoy stargazing.